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Temporary Equipment 



    Equipment made from light-weight aluminum, which improves workability, so it can be used for any type of scaffolding and can be piled up.

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  • Dimple Post X

    Dimple Post X

    Protects the safety and lives of workers while they are under the beams for work including steel construction and ridge beam operations. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

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    Panel-type hanging scaffolding that minimizes gaps and unevenness and improves safety and workability.

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  • YT Lock System

    YT Lock System

    Can be erected along slopes and also used as a gantry.

    View Detail (Japanese version only)
  • Standing Bear

    Standing Bear

    Enables safe assembly and disassembly and significant labor-saving, with structures that include lifting equipment, baseboards and handrails as one unit.

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  • Power Frame

    Power Frame

    Wedge-type support system that fits to the shape of a structure in a flexible manner.

Environmental Equipment


  • BENKEI (Stainless steel column formwork)

    BENKEI (Stainless steel column formwork)

    Column formwork using stainless steel face plates. Improves diversion rate, and enables fast assembly and formwork removal, as well as construction with a small number of people.

Building Materials

Agricultural Materials

  • Steel Frame House Pro II

    Steel Frame House Pro II

    A high-eave, steel-frame Dutch light greenhouse suitable for high-wire method crops and perfect for large-scale cultivation.

    View Detail (Japanese version only)
  • Weather-Resistant Pipe House

    Weather-Resistant Pipe House

    This agricultural greenhouse does not deform easily under harsh conditions caused by natural disasters.

    View Detail (Japanese version only)