Taking advantage of the metal processing technology we have cultivated up to now, we are developing unique products such as next-generation scaffolds such as Iq systems, control devices, and agricultural houses.

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    We offer products to our customers through sales and rental.

    Through our offices throughout the country, we have been able to smoothly provide a variety of products including temporary equipment. We respond to the needs of our customers in two ways, "sales" and "rental", and support a safe and highly conducive site environment.

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    We are developing assembly and dismantling of scaffolding throughout the country.

    We are undertaking construction and dismantling work of scaffolding. The construction cooperation network extends throughout the country, and a system that can be constructed anywhere is in place. We will provide safe and high quality scaffolding construction services by using abundant equipments that are properly maintained.

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    CAD drawing

    Create drawings for scaffolding, calculate strength, and trace body drawings.

    Pre-design is important to build a safe foothold. We perform CAD drawing and strength calculation of scaffolding in our company. In addition to scaffolding design, we also carry out tracing business to write the frame drawings of paper media to CAD, create CAD drawings related to facilities, and create drawings using 3D CAD.