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Mission Statement

社是 愛

This world in which we live is constantly on the move, driven by the complex intertwining of national economies and the business activities of countless companies.
Individual companies are made up of the untiring endeavors of their members. What motivates people?

Their own ambitions. Consideration for their families.
We believe these are where it all starts.
We want to make these things the driving force behind our corporate growth. That is why our Mission Statement is "love".

Management Philosophy

Love yourself

From birth, we have all been given our own life to live.
It is only natural that we seek to keep on improving ourselves, to be better tomorrow than we are today. We need to be disciplined, and we need to be humble; we need to remember that even those things we regard as everyday events are in fact precious and can be experienced only once.

Love others

Love starts with showing consideration for our family - our parents, our brothers and sisters. Loving others means showing consideration for our friends, our neighbors, and all the people of the world, and wishing for each other’s happiness.

Love the company

Companies are an innate part of the local community. We are grateful to the community, the country, and the world in which we were raised, and we do our best to give back to each of these however we can.
Groups naturally form wherever people gather.
The company is one such group. Through the company, we give back to the community, the country, and the world. This is what it means to love the company.