Our approach to ESG
ESG Policy

社是 愛

The issues facing society have become more diverse and their impact has continued to expand. Companies must respond to these issues through their businesses and strengths and provide value to society in order to contribute to a sustainable society and achieve growth.
Takamiya has engaged in business based on the themes of safety, the environment and workability, even before ESG efforts came into focus.
We contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through our business activities and create an environment in which diverse human resources can work comfortably.
What lies at the basic of our business is “Love”.

About our mission statement "love"

The growth of our company is created by "Love myself" and "Love others" and "Love the company".

This world in which we live is constantly on the move, driven by the complex intertwining of national economies and the business activities of countless companies.
Individual companies are made up of the untiring endeavors of their members. What motivates people?

Their own ambitions. Consideration for their families. We believe these are where it all starts.
We want to make these things the driving force behind our corporate growth. That is why our mission statement is "love".